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China plastic mold company: Causes and treatment methods of plastic parts is not complete2013-01-24 08:30:34

China plastic mold company that causes and treatment methods of plastic parts is not complete with:

Injection molding cycle is too short. To keep up with the material temperature will cause lack of material, especially in large fluctuations in voltage. According to the supply voltage to adjust the cycle. The adjustment is generally not considered injection and holding pressure time, mainly considering the adjustment period from packing finished to the screw back, does not affect the mold filling condition, and can extend or shorten preheating time particle in the barrel. The small capacity of plastics injection molding machine. When the quality of the products more than the actual maximum injection molding machine quality, feeding quantity apparently run behind one's expenses. If the product quality is close to the actual quality of injection molding machine injection, there is a plasticizing inadequate, material in the barrel heating time is insufficient, the results can not be timely to provide appropriate mould molten material. This situation can only replace the injection molding machine capacity to solve problems.

Nozzle cooling material into the mold. Injection molding machine are usually for pressure loss only installing straight-through nozzle. But if the front barrel temperature and nozzle temperature is too high, or in a state of high pressure front barrel storage too much, " cast ", so that the plastic injection mold before the beginning of the open cases, unexpectedly leading into the mainstream Road entrance and the cooling effect of the hard template, and hinder the melt. To enter the cavity.

Plastic frit blockage feeding channel. Because of the plastic in the hopper dryer local melting and agglomeration, or tube feeding period of high temperature, blocking the channel or covered with screw, screw rotating circular sliding, not forward, causing supply interruption or irregular fluctuations. This happens only in the excavate channels, excluding material block to be solved.

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