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China plastic mold company: requirements of die locksmith Technology2013-01-22 15:02:03

China plastic mold company, die fitter main job is to mould manufacture, repair, maintenance and change update. In addition to die, die locksmith work category also includes a variety of fixture, tool, measuring tool design, production and maintenance.

Fitter is mainly divided into benchwork and tool fitter, repair, maintenance, equipment level one or two benchwork is mainly responsible for equipment daily check, equipment installation and commissioning work. Pipe fitting mold and other mold fitter is a tool fitter, the main work is to mould manufacture, repair, maintenance and updating.

In the process of design, mold manufacturing, mold fitter to hands and brain, the nature of the work is relatively fine, strict, strong technology. Die locksmith belong to job skills, theoretical knowledge is relatively fewer requirements, mathematical foundation of general mould with high school and simple mechanical drawing, knowledge will be able to identify the images.

Die fitter and emphasizing practical ability, higher requirements for the skill. In addition to master the relevant mould, fixture, knowledge and skills, also requires the ability to operate a variety of machine tools and machine tool equipment, die locksmith tools commonly used equipment vice, stylus, punching, hand saw, file, tap, die and hammer and lathes, drilling, milling machine, grinder bed.

Die fitter level are usually classified as an apprentice, primary, intermediate, advanced worker, technician, senior technician. Usually only recruit qualified die some large enterprises recruitment, mold work age and is proportional to the value increase with age, increasing, experience is increasing, its value is increasing.

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