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China plastic mold company : buy electric tool2013-01-18 16:11:37

China plastic mold company told to buy your electric tool should pay attention to the following points:

According to the need to distinguish between domestic or professional, most electric tools for professional design, should be the difference between professional and general household tool at the time of purchase. Usually, professional and home the difference in power tools, tools for professional use more power, so as to facilitate the professionals to reduce the workload, general household tool because the project is small, the workload is relatively small, so the input power tools need not be huge.

Nameplate parameter tools should be on the CCC certificate consistent. The instructions should be manufacturers and production plant, detailed address and contact way. Batch number nameplate or qualified certificate contains product traceability.

Holding by hand tools, power is switched on, the frequent operation switch, make frequent starting, observation tool switch function is reliable. At the same time to observe whether the scene of the TV set, the fluorescent lamp has the abnormal phenomenon. In order to confirm tool is fitted with radio interference suppressor effective.

Tool appearance should be uniform color, no obvious effect of plastic wire surface and dent, no scratch or Kepeng traces, assembling malposition≤0.5mm shell between the parts, aluminum casting coating is smooth and beautiful without defects, the surface shall be free from grease and stains. Holding by hand, switch handle should be flat. The length of the cable should be not less than 2 metres.

Tool electricity to run for one minute, the runtime is held by a hand, the hand should be no obvious feel any fibrillation not normal, observe the commutation spark, the commutation spark should not exceed 3\/2, generally from the air inlet tool place to see, the commutator surface should be no visible arc. When running, should all normal noise.

The outer packing tool should be clear, not broken, plastic boxes solid, Velcro opening plastic box should be solid and durable.

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