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China plastic mold company: analysis of mould processing characteristics2013-01-17 10:03:44

China plastic mold company told you die processing has the basic characteristics of:

High processing accuracy, a pair of mold is generally composed of concave die, punch and die, and some may be more split module. So the combination, the lower die, combined with block and the cavity, split between the modules require high machining accuracy.

Small batch, mold production is not mass production, in many cases often produces only a.

The shape of complex, some products such as automobile parts, aircraft parts, toys, household appliances, its surface shape is determined by a variety of curved surfaces, therefore, the mold cavity surface is very complicated. Some surface must be processed by mathematical calculation method.

Process, the mold processing must use milling, boring, drilling, reaming and tapping and other processes. High hardness, excellent mold material, mold the main material is made of high-quality alloy steel, especially in mould high life, often using Crl2, CrWMn and ledeburite steel. This kind of steel from forging, machining and heat treatment have strict requirements.

Repetitive operation, the use of mold is life. When using a mold over its lifetime, it is necessary to replace the new die, so die production often repetitive.

Profiling, sometimes neither pattern mold production, there is no data, and according to the profile machining material. This requires the imitation precision, no deformation.

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