ADD: No.17 Kangqiang Rd., Beicheng Economic Development Zone, Huangyan, Taizhou, Zhejiang, China
Mobile: +86-13375860099
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24-Hour Service Call 0086-13375860099

Company Tel: 0086-576-84128138

Complaint Hotline: 0086-18958546888


Company Email:

Address: No. 17 Kangqiang Rd.,Beicheng Economic Development Zone,Huangyan District,Taizhou City,Zhejiang Province,China

Technical Dept.

Mr. Bin Huang (General Manager)   Mobile: 0086-13736601001 Email:

Mr.JiaoLong Fang (Technical Dept. Manager) Mobile: 0086-13857612535 QQ:1278560308

Production Dept.

Mr. DaHua Chen (Vice President Of Production) Mobile: 0086-13857620787

Mr. DongLiang Huang (Production Manager) Mobile: 0086-13586028721

Marketing Dept.

Ms. Gloria Cui (Foreign Trade Dept. Manager)  Mobile: 0086-13375860099 Email:

Mr. Jason Chen (Domestic Trade Dept. Manager) Mobile: 0086-13957624088 Email: Tel: 0086-576-89177007

Customer Service Dept.

Ms. Anna Qi (Customer Service Dept. Manager) Mobile: 0086-13758633009 Email: