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Thin-walled mould

Thin-walled mould

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The thin wall mould,like air cup thin wall mould, thin wall food container mould, that made by New Vision are mostly used in dishware and industry necessity and so on. New Vision Has made more than 1000 sets of thin wall moulds already.

New Vision Thin Wall Mould Features:

1. Thickess can achieve 0.5mm with uniform wall thickness
2. Cavities can be 4 with high success rate
3. Reasonable Cooling Design leads to High cooling efficiency
4. Full automatic demoulding
5. High Speed Injection (can achieve less than 5s per shot)
6. High Mould Steel Hardness, HRC48-60,Mirror surface treatment
7. Rust Prevention, easy for mould maintainance
8. High Precision Tooling Machine ensures the quality of mould
9. International Standard Mould Components ensures mould without the worries behind during mass production.