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Specification of melt blown cloth mould

Spindle hole shape Round
Spindle hole diameter 0.2mm - 0.3mm, High precision tolerance ±0.001mm- 0.002mm
spinneret hole length diameter Ratio ≥10
C-C distance of Spindle hole 0.6mm - 0.7mm, High precision tolerance ±0.001mm- 0.002mm
Suitable polymer MFI 1000-1500 PP
Spindle steel SUS630/SUS431/Germany industry standard 1.2083
Mould base steel DIN.1.2311/DIN.1.2316Cr.13 standard
meltblown fabric mould melt blown nonwovens mould melt blown nonwovens mould

Direct view of mould workshop

meltblown fabric mouldmelt blown nonwovens mouldmelt blown nonwovens mouldmeltblown fabric mouldmelt blown nonwovens mouldmelt blown die head

Professional high-precision melt blown cloth mold manufacturer

  With the global outbreak of Covid-19, the demand for epidemic prevention materials has skyrocketed. In order to meet the global demand for melt blown fabrics for masks, protective clothing and other production plants,  New Vision Mould has concentrated its technical and production power to overcome various difficulties in technical problems of a large-scale melt blown cloth mould, now we have the production capacity of 200 sets of moulds per month, and provide a series of technical and production solutions for various manufacturers.
Technical requirements and mold standards of our melt blown cloth moulds
1. Professional and standardized mould design
The design drawings of New Vision Mould are from Japan, and have been integrated and adjusted with imported and domestic equipment. The processing technology, melt flow, air knife flow angle and balance analysis, internal pressure analysis, balance analysis temperature control and balance Degree analysis is in-depth research and evaluation. Ensure the perfect production of each mould.
2. Processing equipment and process control
We have 25 sets of high-speed machining centers imported from Germany and 5 high-precision punching machines, which strictly controls every size on the mould drawing. Each mould has full control under the technical project staff.
3.Supply chain for mould materials and accessories
According to the material experience of Japan's successful melt-blown cloth moulds, we use German Smobigenberg spinneret steel, and the mould base is made of DIN.1.2311 / DIN.1.2316CR.13 standard steel.
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